Not To Impeach Trump Is Unpatriotic

One needs not be a genius to read between the lines; for the past ten years, Republicans have opposed virtually everything Democrats’. Even the healthcare act – aka Obamacare – which provides much relief to millions of families across the country has been opposed by ALL the Republicans. During the Obama’s tenure alone, despite knowing they could have never succeeded, the Republican Legislators attempted 62 times to repeal the Patient Protection Healthcare Act aka Obamacare.

So, it is a fantasy to envision any circumstance under which the Republican Legislators would join with the Democrats’ to impeach the president. Devin Nunes who was the Chair of the Intelligence Committee was caught several times sharing information with the President’s legal team and the White House. Paul Ryan used his power as Speaker of the House to force the hands of DOJ to release information to Devin Nunes who in turn passed such information to Donald Trump. In the Senate, Mitch McConnell was hard at work placing on the Federal bench and on the Supreme Court judges who are sympathetic to the Trump administration in general, to Donald Trump in particular. All in all, there is nothing which gives any hope there can be any bi-partisan approach to impeachment, even if Donald Trump were to shoot someone on Fifth Ave with hundreds of witnesses and videos from all angles to corroborate the details of the crime.

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