Not To Impeach Trump Is Unpatriotic

Just one month into the process, the Democrat Legislators have already uncovered many additional wrongdoings which could have been dealt with if the Republican Representatives performed their legislative duty when they were in total control of both Houses. The public Congressional hearing of Trump’s former personal attorney/fixer alone – Michael Cohen on February 27, 2019 – has triggered several other investigations both at the Federal as well as at the State level. It is probably pointless to mention here that Republican Legislators in Washington have continued to approach their oversight duty as if they were members of Donald Trump’s defense team. It is to be expected; for the past two years, ALL Republicans in Washington have proven beyond any doubt their loyalty is not to the country.

However, no one expected the Democrat Legislators to behave like their Republican counterparts; that’s probably the reason it came as a bombshell surprise to most – in the Democrat circle in particular – when Nancy Pelosi narrowly took the impeachment of Donald Trump off the table. Although, not quite, not entirely! Mrs. Pelosi raised the stake for the impeachment of Donald Trump to a level which is all but a certain guarantee there will be no impeachment. In her public statement, Mrs. Pelosi alluded to a need for a bi-partisan approach to impeaching the President. (laughters allowed here!)

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