Not To Impeach Trump Is Unpatriotic

In Part I, we discussed, debated, lamented over the fact that Republican Legislators in Washington completely relinquished their legislative duty and violated the oath to uphold the Constitution. Despite their blatant disregard for the Constitution, millions of Republican constituents continue to provide them support to continue to erode our democratic system. They conveniently call it politics.

Come the Democrats!

The country, including even a few Republican constituents, has embraced the prospect of a Congress which reclaims its constitutional power and exercises oversight, thus helps to returning the country to a state which resembles more closely what the framers of the Constitution envisioned a democratic Republic would be.

To the Democrat Legislators’ credit, as soon as they assumed the leadership of the House, they have launched several prongs investigations to look into how the Trump’s administration has handled the country in general but most importantly how far beyond the boundaries of the Executive Branch Trump and his administration had ventured to either obstruct investigations or to attempt to end investigations which are not favorable to the President and all actions his administration have taken beyond the authority of the Executive Branch. That is exactly what the framers intended with the idea of three equal branches.

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