Why Congress Must Impeach Trump Regardless the Political Cost

Be as it may, Mrs. Pelosi had managed to kill two birds with one stone; with her public statement against the idea of impeaching the president, she has removed – or at the very least – watered down the “Impeachment chorus” as a campaign slogan or rhythm for the Trump administration. In addition, she has disarmed all the Republicans in Congress who have been beating the drum of Democrats’ oversight of the Executive Branch as a way to impeach Donald Trump.

I wonder what would they come up next, considering there will be many Congressional hearings by the Democrats investigating the Trump’s administration.

As far as Trump, the move by Nancy Pelosi will be used as proof the Democrats recognize there was no collusion. Don’t you just love Politics! And the Republicans in Washington! Expect no less for all of them to echo the White House. The platitude of the Republican Legislators in Washington is only surpassed by the evil mind of Donald Trump.


One thought on “Why Congress Must Impeach Trump Regardless the Political Cost

  1. I agree at heart with what mducheiney is saying to the effect that Trump is totally deserving of impeachment, but, as I’ve said, I worry a lot that his impeachment, followed by failure to convict by the Senate, might strengthen Trump’s political standing (see Bill Clinton), and thereby lead to a second Trump term as President, which would absolutely be the worst possible outcome.


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