Why Congress Must Impeach Trump Regardless the Political Cost

It is believed that Mrs. Pelosi’s move to taper off the idea of impeachment is a “chess maneuver” to provide the Democratic Party the opportunity to defeat Mr. Trump in the 2020 presidential election. Mrs. Pelosi believes an aggressive march towards impeachment would sway independent constituents either to vote for Mr. Trump in 2020 or to simply sit out the election and not vote at all. Many Democratic Legislators are furious nevertheless, but what can they do? Besides, as Speaker of the House, she would have to sign off on whatever action subcommittees wish to pursue.

Regardless how Democrat Legislators feel or say privately, it seems they have all publicly supported Mrs. Pelosi’s approach to the matter. Even Maxine Waters, Congresswoman who represents the 43rd District in the State of California, the same Representative who had called for Mr. Trump’s impeachment the day after his inauguration has been very silent on the matter. Adam Schiff and a number of other high level officials in the Democrat Congress seem to be in locked step with the Speaker of the House.


One thought on “Why Congress Must Impeach Trump Regardless the Political Cost

  1. I agree at heart with what mducheiney is saying to the effect that Trump is totally deserving of impeachment, but, as I’ve said, I worry a lot that his impeachment, followed by failure to convict by the Senate, might strengthen Trump’s political standing (see Bill Clinton), and thereby lead to a second Trump term as President, which would absolutely be the worst possible outcome.


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