Why Congress Must Impeach Trump Regardless the Political Cost

Republicans on the other hand – including, well especially the White House – believed Mrs. Pelosi made the right call; of course, they would. Notwithstanding the fact that the Trump administration is the only to date which has been involved in so many scandals, unscrupulous actions, violations of the Constitution and even possible treason, it is widely believed – and there is enough circumstantial evidence – that Trump and associates did collaborate with a foreign entity in order to win the presidential elections in 2016.

Despite the big divide created by Mrs. Pelosi, many – pundits, legislators, political analysts and even historians – on both the Democrat’s and the Republican’s camps have hailed the move. Even some Republican analysts have since then expressed publicly respect for Mrs. Pelosi to have handled this matter the way she did.

Although she left a number of constituents – and Legislators alike – grinding their teeth over the decision NOT TO pursue the impeachment of Donald Trump, Mrs. Pelosi did not fully shut the door on the idea. She has instead raised the bar a little higher before issuing the green light for starting such a politically controversial proceeding.


One thought on “Why Congress Must Impeach Trump Regardless the Political Cost

  1. I agree at heart with what mducheiney is saying to the effect that Trump is totally deserving of impeachment, but, as I’ve said, I worry a lot that his impeachment, followed by failure to convict by the Senate, might strengthen Trump’s political standing (see Bill Clinton), and thereby lead to a second Trump term as President, which would absolutely be the worst possible outcome.


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