Why Congress Must Impeach Trump Regardless the Political Cost

As such, NOT to impeach Donald Trump would be very unpatriotic, unconstitutional even. So, when Nancy Pelosi dropped the bomb, well the Impeachment Neutralizer bomb, she got the country divided, again. What the hell was Mrs. Pelosi thinking! What the hell is wrong with the new Speaker! Doesn’t she know it’s the duty of the Legislative body to hold the president of the United States accountable? Doesn’t she know that giving a pass to Trump is as much an affront to the Constitution as the violation of the oath?

This time, it seemed worst; she got Democrats – both Legislators and constituents alike – divided, left to consider what should happen next. Most Democrats believe and expect the Democratic Congress to aggressively go after Trump and begin the Impeachment process as soon as the Democrat Party became the majority. There are Democrat Legislators who are convinced Mr. Trump should be impeached since Trump’s Inauguration, Maxine Waters is one such Legislator. Adam Schiff who now chairs the House Intelligence Committee has always believed there is enough evidence to hang Trump.


One thought on “Why Congress Must Impeach Trump Regardless the Political Cost

  1. I agree at heart with what mducheiney is saying to the effect that Trump is totally deserving of impeachment, but, as I’ve said, I worry a lot that his impeachment, followed by failure to convict by the Senate, might strengthen Trump’s political standing (see Bill Clinton), and thereby lead to a second Trump term as President, which would absolutely be the worst possible outcome.


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