Get the Door, Mueller’s Here

Just a month before Robert Mueller was appointed Special Counsel, I published an article Trump’s Collusion with Vladimir Putin Is Not a Theory in which I detailed the length to which both Trump and Mr. Putin went to hide the crime of hijacking the US elections. Those details were sufficient to convince me that no matter how long it would take, Mr. Trump will be impeached.

It is in reality a shame that the Republicans who were so eager to impeach Bill Clinton for personal matter were all the same people who tried everything to shield Trump who may have committed treason by collaborating with an enemy to harm the institutions of the United States.

This is not politics on the part of the Republicans; this is complicity in what could become the most egregious crime committed against the US government, not just by an individual but by the whole Republican Party. This predicament should not be comfort to any Patriot American regardless of your political Party.

What would you add?

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