Get the Door, Mueller’s Here

I have covered Mr. Trump since the beginning – when he was toying with the idea first in 2012 and in the early 2014 when he proposed same to the GOP Leaders who encouraged him to run for the governorship of New York – and am in possession of privileged information regarding his private undertakings. As such, it was not difficult to extrapolate the amplitude of “his crimes” vying for the highest office in the land.

Although “the world” has been waiting for the “Mueller’s report” to make up its mind, it was all too obvious – to me anyway – from the very onset that Donald Trump who has never done anything legitimately could possibly become president of the United States without committing some major crimes in the process.

No one wakes up and becomes honest overnight. Besides, Donald Trump learned from his father at a very young age (15+) how to scheme the system, an approach which has enriched the Trump family for decades.

Those habits are hard to die.

What would you add?

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