To Hell with the United States!

To Hell with the United States!

Do as you please Mr. President; we’re with you.

Although that reads like a bad script for a horror movie, it is not; it is worse. It is a nightmare one can hardly wake up from. It is what millions of Republicans who voted for Donald Trump and now support it have affirmed. They don’t care the damages Donald Trump has done to every institution which has made America the envy of the world; they don’t care America’s leadership is no longer sought for; they don’t care Donald Trump is openly racist; in fact, they love it, that’s the person they voted for; they don’t care Donald Trump has indeed destroyed the fabric of our society and lowered to swamp level the Office of the Presidency.


3 thoughts on “To Hell with the United States!

  1. The only thing Obama did was to destroy the country. So he passes gay marriage…. whoop dee doo, its been happening since the time of Adam and Steve. But remember, no matter how much public support you receive, a wrong is still a wrong. Right is right even though no one is doing it; wrong is still wrong even if everyone is going it. You have to do the right thing. It hurts everyone less in the long run. I believe Trump is a great and a brave man doing it all for the love of his country, Lets make congressional term limits and also make it “volunteering” for their country without a salary or pension. Otherwise they are lazy and stupid.


  2. We love our president. He loves our country. Journalism is not to be biased, so you are at fault for being that way you much entitled one.


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