The BIG DIVIDE Revisited

Divided we stand!

At least, for now.

For decades now, the BIG DIVIDE expression has been frequently used in American parlance. It’s as if it is meant to always be part of the American culture.

It is not; no sound minded individual would look forward to a BIG DIVIDE, but it is nevertheless normal parlance in the culture now.

It is used by the media to explain disagreement/discords between members of the two major political Partys; it is used by politicians in both Parties to point fingers to members of the opposing Party; it is widely accepted by the constituents as an excuse to dig their heels in support of issues, legislations and/or appointees for their respective Partys irrespective of the individual’s integrity (such was the case of voting Trump in office & Brett K to the Supreme Court).

It is the BIG DIVIDE which has plunged the country into the predicament it is now in; it is also the reason a majority believes the country is heading in the wrong direction despite a robust economy and a very low unemployment rate.

The BIG DIVIDE is a problem one cannot simply wish away; a problem one cannot just shrug off. It should however be easy to get rid of. A recent research revealed that the principal source of the BIG DIVIDE is the elected officials: Senators, Congressmen, Governors, Mayors, President, etc.

Full article with complementary details about the BIG DIVIDE is located HERE

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