Can Donald Trump Win 2020?

2.- Outcome of Mueller’s probe (or Saturday Night Massacre): No matter how much Trump claims “There is no collusion” doesn’t erase the facts that plenty of evidence is being gathered which will prove there was a lot of collaboration between Trump’s campaign and Russia. Although Trump’ supporters put a blindfold over their eyes and cotton ball in their ears, the loud sound of evidence would awaken their every other sense. Even a blind man can already see the writing on the walls. There are two possible outcomes of the Mueller’s investigation, neither one of which is in Trump’s favor a) Trump stops interfering, complies and finds the obvious outcome HE Trump already knows what it will be b) Derail the investigation by firing Rosenstein & Mueller or appoint someone to do his bidding, thus create a Constitutional crisis. In both instances, his presidency cannot survive. The idea of a 2020 bid is off the table.

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