Ronald Reagan, A Hero Which Never Was

One could say that Mr. Reagan was a great president at deception and at discriminating against blacks. Maybe he was just acting.

Historians are right NOT TO classify him among the great presidents. Truth be told, in essence Reagan was no different than Trump.

He deceived the country just like Donald Trump is doing today; Reagan was just better at it.

He was, talked and acted like a racist just like Donald Trump is doing today; his time in office was ripe for racism, discriminatory statements and actions as acceptable behavior. Ronald Reagan rode the wave of racism without any backlash, without any resistance, without any repercussion, with the full support of the Republican Party and the deafening silence of the Democrats. Donald Trump on the other hand has stepped into the minefield of Race Relations revolution era.

The Myth continues because deception and racism are business as usual in the Republican Party. The Party is always in search of a hero, lack of which forces the GOP Leaders to imagine one. Ronald Reagan is it. Recently, Donald Trump was floated in the Republican circle as a possible hero until it has become clear his nefarious past, his crooked approach and his incompetence are enough to move him to the bottom of the presidential ranking.

What would you add?

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