Ronald Reagan, A Hero Which Never Was

The Deception (which seems to run in the Republican Party)

In November 1979, a hostage crisis at the US embassy in Iran occurred; Jimmy Carter was then president. Fifty-two American diplomats and citizens were held by a group of Iranian students who belonged to the Muslim Student Followers of Imam. The crisis costs Jimmy Carter the presidency to Ronald Reagan. Right off the bat, Mr. Reagan proved to be no better and no different than Donald Trump; he resorted to deception in order to look good. His first act as president-elect, before his inauguration, was an act of Machiavellian deception.

After over a year of negotiation with the hostage takers, the Carter’s administration finally managed to secure their release; however, Mr. Reagan undermined (yes UNDERMINED) the Carter’s administration: Reagan’s team instructed the hostage takers NOT TO release the hostages until after his inauguration.

Flash forward: remember what Donald Trump president-elect team did vis-à-vis Russia? Let me remind you! Not to worry about the sanctions imposed on Russia by the Obama administration. Trump will “fix” all that.

Sure enough, on January 20, 1981 the same day Mr. Reagan was sworn in, the hostages were released. Of course, the Republicans gave credit to Reagan as if he had a magic wand which could make things happen just by waving that wand. A behavior we’ve seen among the Trump’ supporters who claimed that the economy suddenly became great the day after Trump was sworn in.

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