What Do GOP Leaders Stand For?

If you find yourself supporting those Republican Legislators and/or Donald Trump, consider yourself part of the problem. Under Donald Trump, the United States has become a mockery, a joke on the world stage. As Meghan McCain said at her father’s funeral, America doesn’t need to be made great again; it has always been.  What America needs is a leader to take the country to higher grounds.

Those who are afraid of light, those who have lived all their lives in darkness cannot appreciate the beauty of freedom.

We, as a nation, now know that the Republican Party, the GOP Leaders stand for absolutely nothing. We cannot continue to blame Mr. Trump for helping to expose the true characters of the GOP Leaders. We, as a country, must recognize that the remaining Republican Legislators are for the most part men and women of no character, men and women of no value, men and women of no principle.


What would you add?

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