What Do GOP Leaders Stand For?

Republican Legislators in both Houses who have relinquished their sacred duty to protect and defend the Republic against all enemies (foreign and domestic) do not deserve to serve the country; they proved to be unworthy of representing anyone, let alone a whole State. They prove to be men and women of no character.

The lack of dignity GOP Leaders in Washington have displayed will go down in history as a very dark moment in the history of the country, second only to slavery.

It was impossible (for the framers of the Constitution) to conceive that all members of a Political Party in the Legislative body could be so deprived of morality, so self-centered, so unpatriotic that they would ALL be willing to burn down the country for the sake of keeping one man, a deprived one, a maniac, a moron at best as leader of the nation. And yet, that’s exactly what the WHOLE Republican Legislative body has done.


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