What Do Republican Elected Officials Stand For?

Which man would give a sharper knife to someone who threatens to stab him? Only an idiot would. Marcus Cicero, a Roman philosopher in 63BC said “Any man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error”

It is hard, if not impossible those days to reconcile being smart with being Republican; those individuals who still consider themselves Republican – especially people who claim to be Christian – should look in the mirror and ask the very consequential question: What do I stand for? What exactly do I believe? Which values do I have? Which principles do I cherish? How would I want my children to remember me?

No one who is Republican nowadays can explain away why s/he is a supporter of Donald Trump and with the same breath claim to be a Christian, a Conservative or care about any of the values and principles s/he would like others to know or think s/he has.

What would you add?

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