The Whitaker Drama

I am not surprised but I am overly frustrated by the lack of intelligence among the Republican constituents. In casual conversations and interviews, some were quick to flaunt their college education to prove they’re no dummy which inspired me to coin the “college educated Republicans” who can hardly make a logical decision “ignorant with a college degree”.

There are too many examples to dwell on this matter; suffice to say they protest and support legislations which are harmful to them, the latest was the “Tax Cut” for large corporations which is in essence a tax bill for the constituents. There is no argument there although it’s impossible to avoid it if one has to explain the impact of a legislation to any Trumpublican.

Members of the second group (Democrats, Independents and yes sound minded Republicans) have absorbed so much of Trump’s idiocy, stupidity during the 2016 presidential elections it has become almost impossible to consider anything he says or does as having any substantive value or importance.

What would you add?

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