The Whitaker Drama

One aspect of any discussion about Trump’s words, actions and/or decisions bothers me to the core. Notice I said “the discussion about”, not the actions, the words or the decisions which bothers me for two reasons – probably because there are two major political Partys –

1.      Individuals who are Trumpublican justify everything he does or says.

2.      Individuals who ARE NOT Trumpublican reject, despise, deride almost everything Trump does or says

Members of the first group (Trumpublicans) are not the product of Trump’s candidacy and presidency. Those individuals have been on the path to transformation for a very longtime; the only thing which was lacking was a “leader” to give their ideologies legitimacy, their actions, words and outrageous statements a conduit to become norms in the American culture.

I am not a bit surprised; I have been writing about that very aspect for quite a few years now. As recently as two years ago, I published a series of articles “debunking Republicans’ claims” of patriotism,Christianity, conservatism and yes fiscal conservativism.

What would you add?

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