Last Call to Restore Sanity

If you stumble on this article, consider yourself a very fortunate individual. This is the best opportunity to understand why it is imperative that sound minded Republican constituents vote against their Party in the midterm elections in order to save the country from the impending disaster if they do not. One need not be a genius to understand the country has been on a path which can destroy our way of life. It is up to us The People today to act so we can preserve the country for future generations. Republican Legislators (Congressmen & Senators) have proven beyond a shred of a doubt they are not worthy of our votes, they are not worthy of re-election. Most have made it crystal clear they do not deserve another chance. They have systematically worked against the wellbeing of The People; they have categorically ignored the voice of the majority. We would not keep an employee who cannot or will not do the job for which we hired that individual, would we? The mid-term elections present an opportunity for We The People to replace the non-performers, the self-serving and the masters of deception.

This is the last call!


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