The Tussle between LUNACY and COMMON SENSE

It is sometimes impossible to distinguish between their lunatic mind and their callous behavior towards their listeners. But one thing is common among them all; they all rely on the ignorance of their audiences to keep their jobs, to stay wealthy, although to the detriment of the country.

Despite their claims to the contrary, it is blatantly obvious that Republicans in general are unpatriotic. They expressed it very openly in their support for foreign entity to interfere in our elections, they expressed it publicly in their support for a president who on the world stage diminished the importance of the very institutions which protect our democracy and our national interests and yes they have said it outloud in more than one occasion. That’s not politics, that’s lunacy!

There is a big difference between lunacy and intelligence; most Republicans have proven time and again they have embraced lunacy and worn it as a badge of honor. It is such lunacy which has plunged the country into the predicament it is in now.

What would you add?

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