Contrary to popular misconception, the BIG DIVIDE that has been talked about so much in the media, used by politicians and believed by most falls squarely on the shoulders of elected officials,  and for the past decade exclusively on the GOP leaders. Yes, the very individuals We The People voted in office to work on our behalf, to represent our views, to implement policies which reflect those views and to compromise whenever and wherever necessary to advance the affairs of the people, those individuals are the main cause of the BIG DIVIDE.

Contrary to the widespread misconception that the BIG DIVIDE is between constituents of the two major Partys, our research discovered the startling fact: the BIG DIVIDE is caused mostly by the elected officials; and they are at the roots of spreading the problem among the constituents.

In our research, we identified three major factors which have contributed towards the expansion of the BIG DIVIDE over many decades:

  1. Elected Officials make up 70 to 80% of the problem
  2. Constituents are between 15% to 20%
  3. Ambivalence in the Media which is a mere 5% to 7%

What would you add?

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