Witch Hunt, The Last Incantation


Although the 45th president has been the least competent individual to occupy the Oval Office – appropriately so – he is a genius in PR (Public Relations) matters. No one can deny he has mastered the art of manipulating his audience, any audience. Mr. Trump understands that a good show requires both a hero and some villains (at the very least a villain). As such, all his life – much more so now – he has framed himself as the hero who can fix everything. But there is no sensation if a hero doesn’t have a villain to fight, a villain to destroy. We don’t think much about it but in our subconscious we’ve always yearned for a hero

  • A hero to save people from a burning car
  • A hero to save a boy drowning
  • A hero to save a woman being physically abused by a man
  • A hero to save the plane with an engine failure from falling off the sky
  • A hero to save the city from a raging volcano

What would you add?

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