Leave Donald Trump Alone or Else…

Donald Trump is doing in the Oval Office what Donald Trump has always done: to use people, to use resources to enrich himself. That’s not going to change. Leave Donald Trump alone! Or else.

Our focus, our main focus should be on the scumbags in Washington who have now felt empowered to help destroy the country. Those scumbags (Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Trey Gowdy, Ted Cruz, Devin Nunes & company) need to be dealt with. We all know that Donald Trump does not have the ability to reason beyond a 10-year old; Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell & the rest are smart enough to know how to exploit Trump, how to exploit the gullibility of their constituents. Donald Trump didn’t cause that problem; he has joined the Republicans who have exploited the naivete and the gullibility of the Republican constituents.

Would you please leave Donald Trump alone! He doesn’t understand what he’s doing.

What would you add?

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