Witch Hunt User Guide

On Tuesday, August 21, 2018, without being hunted by anyone, a witch, Michael Cohen, turned himself in as a witch who’s been operating under the radar, in the dark alleys of New York City. He’s been able to keep his “witchery” hidden, secret because he got rid of the broom a longtime ago. According to Cohen, his longtime broom companion, Donald Trump, is also a witch; Mr. Cohen blew the whistle about other witches still roaming the streets.
This new revelation, by a bona fide witch, could provide enough fuel to restart the Witch Hunt.
Not so fast!
Many witch lovers cheered last night, Tuesday August 21, 2018 at a rally in West Virginia when the Witch-in-Chief clamored:
Where is the collusion? Where is the collusion? I don’t see any collusion.

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