Was the Media Complicit in Trump’s Presidency?

Most dictators recognize that journalism would prevent them from achieving their most nefarious objective. In 1933, Adolf Hitler censored the media; a move which prevented the world from finding out what was going on inside Germany until it was much too late; the wheels of World War II were already in motion.

Today, Donald Trump is using the very same approaches Adolf Hitler used in 1933

  1. Hitler accused the media of fabrication, Donald Trump calls the media fake news
  2. Hitler censored the media, 43% of Trumpublicans want Trump to control the media
  3. Hitler shredded the agreement with the League of Nations, Trump removed US from trade with Mexico & Canada, removed US from the Trans Pacific Agreement and threatened to remove US membership from United Nations
  4. Hitler admired and partnered with dictator Mussolini in Italy, Trump partners with Vladimir Putin of Russia and seeks to partner with Kim Jong Un of North Korea.

There seems to be a pattern here; it is a dangerous path for the nation, for the world even.

What would you add?

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