Was the Media Complicit in Trump’s Presidency?


No doubt! Unequivocally Yes! Absolutely!

We hatched Donald Trump. We were obsessed. We were mesmerized, starstruck. Everyone in the media dropped the ball. Taken for a ride by a marketing genius, we blame everything: the economy, racial tensions, shrinking majority, fed-up with Washington, and on and on.We explained away everything except to admit we were sleeping at the wheel. We just couldn’t get enough of our new creation. The media as a whole was fully responsible, an active participant, complicit in Trump’s presidency. .

All major networks were in a race to have Trump called in; scheduled programs be damned! They did not challenge him, they simply handed him the microphone to say whatever he wanted. Trump used the media to promote his candidacy; the media used Trump to increase advertising revenues. After the election and his win, Trump saw no reason to continue to cajole any of the networks – except Fox Propaganda Network – so, he’s bashed them frequently and continuously repeated the media is the enemy of the country. Sadly, his gullible supporters believe him despite his public record of being a serial liar. To Trump’ supporters, I ask:

  • Whom would you turn to when your elected officials practice corruptions?
  • Whom would you turn to when your elected officials trample your constitutional rights?
  • Whom would you turn to when your elected officials abuse his/her power?

The Media of course!

The ONLY wall between Democracy and Dictatorship is JOURNALISM. The media is not the enemy; it is the voice for those who cannot speak, the ears for those who cannot hear, the eyes for those who cannot see and the legs for those who cannot walk. The media is the only thing which stands between preserving freedom or living under an authoritarian regime. The media is not the enemy; it is not however without flaws.


What would you add?

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