Who Lies As Frequently As the Devil?

So, I grew up not only abiding by the principle but also resenting liars with all the fibers in my body. It is probably pointless to mention how much I hate to hear Donald Trump speak or tweet; he lies at every turn; he lies for no apparent reason; he just can’t help but to lie. It’s not news to any living organism on earth that Mr. Trump lies to everyone about everything.

What I hate even more than Donald Trump lying is Sarah Huckabee-Sanders lying every time she steps on that podium to deliver the White House so-called daily news briefing. Although there is no official record on whether she has lied as often or more frequently than Trump, it should not surprise anyone that she may have out-lied Donald Trump and could be on her way to rip the “lying trophy” from Donald Trump’s tiny hands.

What would you add?

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