Secretary of Russia

FYI: On January 19, 2017 I wrote the article Secretary of Russia Is Now President of the United States (full text here), excerpt of which is pasted in the second part of this article below, which analyzed the possibility that Mr. Trump could be a Russian agent or asset.

The much anticipated announcement of a new Secretary of Russia by the Russian media gave both pause and hope to the world that the Kremlin could be turning a new page on its relation with the West. The anticipation would quickly give way to a shocking revelation when rumor mill began to float the idea of a brand new approach by Vladimir Putin who would appoint a non-Russian born individual as Secretary of Russia. In a closed door meeting, high level officials of Putin’s cabinet were fiercely, initially, opposed to the idea. Chaos erupted among the officials shouting at one another, unable to come to an agreement on how proceed and what such an unusual move would mean to Russia; Putin raised his voice and said – in Russian of course – it’s Donald Trump. Complete silence filled the room; without saying a single word, one by one, all attendees got up and left the meeting. Although Putin didn’t know what to make of the reactions of his high level officials, he was pressed for time; he had to fly to Helsinki, Finland to preside over the confirmation ceremony of Russia’s new Secretary.


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