Are Republicans DUMBER than Democrats?

If you are still reading, you’ve already separated yourself from the group that chooses to stay ignorant; it’s not a compliment for that group. The biggest threat to Democracy is IGNORANCE. The worst part of it all is that more often than not the ignorant are completely ignorant of their ignorance. Wayne Dyer, American philosopher and motivational speaker said that “The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.” Republicans are not DUMBER than Democrats because of lack of college education; both sides enjoy the same opportunities offered in the country. There are as many smart, intelligent, successful Republicans as there are Democrats. (Wait a minute! Didn’t you just say that Republicans are dumber than Democrats?) However, there is one aspect of life which places Republicans squarely in the DUMBER than Democrats lane, to no fault of the Republicans. They were born with a brain which processes life related matters with the “right amygdala” portion of the brain; Democrats on the other hand process life related matters with the “left posterior insula” of the brain. (Even nature seems to have a sense of humor) What does that mean in English? The video below discusses the topic in details and offers a solution for the predicament Republicans are in.

What would you add?

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