Can Trump Be Compared to Adolf Hitler?

Or is it just a Witch Hunt?

Democrats make the comparison; Republicans reject the ridiculousness of such. Is there any merit to it? On Saturday, at 10:30AM & 6:30PM, we discuss both men and expose the truth.

Can the world compare Donald Trump with Adolf Hitler? Who came up with this ridiculous question? How can we possibly compare the President of the United States with the cruelest man who’s ever lived? How could anyone justify even asking such question?
Let me attempt to answer the last part; if you can’t see, my hands (both of them) are raised very high.
I am the person who asks the question. How could I possibly make such comparison?
A hardcore Trump’ supporter already gave me a piece of his mind.

Since posting the announce I will be discussing the topic, I lost a number of Twitter followers which really hurt my feeling. I am close to crying now. I am looking to be comforted at this point.
On a serious note, how can anyone avoid disaster if s/he doesn’t even take the time to learn something s/he most likely doesn’t know or understand.

IGNORANCE, I stated, is not personal or private; it places a very heaven burden on families and on our society. Besides, George Santayana said that “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

Join me tomorrow at 10:30AM on the Fourth Branch Broadcast program to listen in on the series which started last week “Can Donald Trump Be Compared with Adolf Hitler”. I hope you’re able to join, and not hurt my feeling.

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