This Is the United States of America! Any Question?

Although their primary objective is to increase revenue – which they’ve always achieved thanks to an audience that is much too eager to gobble up any info which satisfies its emotional craving – the impact on the country is devastating and long lasting.

According to our survey, 82% of FOX’s viewers are IGNORANT of the facts and the truth. The finding is not inconsequential; FOX reaches an audience over 100 million individuals across the country. Such problem translates to the systematic dumbification of an audience – a whole generation – completely incapable of making good decisions; most of their decisions are based on false, distorted and wrong information, a problem which is very detrimental to the wellbeing of the Republic.

For instance, when an individual cast his/her vote for a public official, it is usually based on information acquired from his/her favorite (or most watched) network. The decision to cast a favorable/unfavorable vote for a candidate for any public office is not without consequence. A good, conscientious, knowledgeable and well-meaning candidate may be bypassed for a crook, callous and self-serving one due to information acquired from a network which does not provide accurate information.


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