Should Donald Trump ManUp and Face Robert Mueller?

The fear Trump’s attorneys, advisors and supporters have expressed regarding an interview with Mueller is well founded. Donald Trump, however insane he behaves and however stupid he is, is well aware of the “danger”. His “so called” desire to sit down with Mueller for an interview is just for show. Picture a “twig” (with no karate skill) claiming to want to fight a heavyweight champion, knowing darn well no one will ever let the fight happen. That’s what Donald Trump has been doing all along. He doesn’t want to sit down with Mueller – although he has no choice in the matter –

For Trump’ supporters who have outsourced their “logic ability”, Trump has done nothing wrong; the “corrupt” Liberals hate him and want to ‘bring him down’ according to Trump’s fanatics. To “true” Republicans and a few “wired-in-logic” Trump’s supporters, the danger is real. Donald Trump is very famous to never speak the truth; that’s a problem. That is in fact a very big problem. Everyone – in the country – knows that to lie to a federal investigator is a criminal offense.

What would you add?

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