Why Do Republicans Think They Are Christian?

Ignorance happens to be the greatest threat to democracy; Fox strives on ignorance; its executives built an empire on the back of the ignorant. Sean Hannity, Fox’ star – Bill O’Reilly used to be the other star until he was kicked out for sexual harassment allegations against him – makes a fortune lying to his audience, distorting facts and presenting “alternative facts” as proofs. Ignorance of a people is what puts and keeps dictators in power.

If our society ought to survive, if America is to exist beyond the era of alternative facts, this predicament the country is in can no longer be ignored. It is time we as a society demand a drastic change at Fox if its executives want to continue to use the word NEWS to identify the network. Fox’s audience is not smart enough to acknowledge the problem. The ignorant are ignorant of their ignorance said Albert Camus.

What would you add?

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