Democracy in America Is in Jeopardy

We know it eventually has to happen; democracy couldn’t possibly last forever. As much as it is cherished here, desired everywhere, the time would come for it to end.

The country which has for decades waged wars across the globe “to bring” democracy to other “countries which did not have it”, to the people who’ve yearned for it, and yes to the heroes who died for it, that country, the United States of America is doing away with Democracy, or is it? Regardless, democracy is dying in the United States

Join us for our first live broadcast (coming soon) “What’s Killing Our Democracy”, the intro video of which is provided below.

The 2-minute audio from The OBAMA Legacy audiobook – available on Soundcloud, Audible, Amazon and Apple for just $6.95 ’til January 2, 2018 – provides a factual account of his presidency. Take a listen.

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