Mueller Is Removing the Mask Not Setting A Trap

So, there are valid reasons for his legal team to dread the idea of Trump sitting for an interview; such conundrum is not the making of Robert Mueller; Mr. Trump has lived a life of frauds, deceptions, corruptions and lies, all of which were hidden to the public and defended by an army of crooked lawyers such as Michael Cohen. It is however impossible today to keep all those frauds hidden, protected and defended.

So, the Mueller’s outcry is just another one of Trump’s tool to try to divert attention from the real fact; that he committed many crimes he would like to make go away.

It is sad enough that the individual who occupies the Oval Office, the highest office in the land, is the least qualified and the most corrupt individual in the history of the country; it is distressing that Republican Legislators who have sworn to protect the Republic and defend the constitution, and constituents who should be more supportive of the country than an individual have all abandoned their sacred duty of patriots.

What would you add?

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