Mueller Is Removing the Mask Not Setting A Trap


Only in the Republican circle that to be aware of the questions that will be asked in a test – I mean in an interview – is considered a trap. Can a genius in the Republican Party educate me on what would not be a trap for Trump?

If one tunes in to Fox Opinion – referred to by most as Fox News – there has been one single tune (pun intended) every host, every guest has been singing to: Don’t do it, just don’t do it. The tune is in reference to the much anticipated interview of Donald Trump by Robert Mueller in the Trump-Russia collusion investigation. ALL pundits who have paraded on Fox offer one simple advice to the president: don’t sit down in an interview with Robert Mueller. That tune on Fox has become so popular within the Republican Party; it is believed to have been played more often than Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” in the 1990’s. It is now near impossible to have a conversation with any Republican about Trump’s interview with Mueller and not hear something in the line that Mueller is setting a trap for Trump. A trap! I must say that I am exhausted hearing it, reading about it or even conversing to any Republican about it.


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