No Way Out – The Bully Is Boxed In

None of that matters to Donald Trump; he can already see the writing on the wall. Michael Cohen, his personal attorney, not only is privy to all his secrets (personal, business, intimate) but he is also the go-to guy who fixes Trump’s problems by paying off some individuals and threatening others. So, it’s not surprising that Mr. Trump is in a panic mode. He thus resorts to the only thing he knows how to, the use of mob style approach to make problems go away. Even a mob boss would recognize when it is time to change the approach; for Trump, the time has come to accept the undeniable fact that there is indeed no way out.

Unfortunately Donald Trump is too full of pride, is much too arrogant to appreciate that kind of predicament. He has all his life bullied everyone around. We as a nation got a taste of such when Mr. Trump threw his hat into the presidential race ring. He certainly bullied his way to the Oval Office; he has thus far bullied his way in everything he’s done in the Oval Office. Would he be able to bully his way out of the predicament he is in now?

What would you add?

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