GOP Claim of Patriotism Debunked

Republicans LOVE To Claim They Are Patriots but time and again, they prove to be anything but… Their actions (vis-a-vis the country) puzzle our allies and even baffle our enemies.

Note: video below provides great explanation of patriotism

Even in light of the possibility that the president of the United States could be compromised by a foreign government, Republicans in the Houses are deafeningly silent; some have even gone out of their way to cover up (Devin Nunes for instance) for a president who is by any analysis more open to accommodate, defend and even rationalize Vladimir Putin’s actions than to negotiate with Legislators of the opposing Party in Washington.

The presidency of Donald Trump is a constant reminder that Republicans’ claim of patriotism is not worth a single dime.

Most Republicans seem incapable to understand the simple concept that the interference of a foreign government in our system of democracy is NOT ACCEPTABLE under any circumstance.

Republicans can no longer be trusted to lead the Nation. They are OPENLY disloyal to the United States; some have collaborated with the country’s fiercest enemy, others have tried their best to help cover it up and yet others remain silent in the face of this affront on the country.

It could be they have no clue what patriotism means. Below is a video which provides a fairly appropriate explanation of what is and what is not patriotism. (Share this article with your Republican friends)

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