Most Republicans in Washington Prove They’re No Patriots

The presidency of Donald Trump is a constant reminder that Republicans’ claim of patriotism is not worth a single dime. Donald Trump campaigned and openly invited Russia to meddle in the presidential elections. Thus far, everything points to the undeniable possibility that Donald (and associates) collaborated with a foreign government to become president. Yet, GOP who controls the Legislative Branch seems unfazed by such an egregious affront to our democracy.

Mr. Trump might have helped Russia to destroy the very apparatus that safeguards our democracy. In other words, the current occupant of the Oval Office is quite possibly an agent of a foreign government.

There is no lack of proof that the Republican Party as a whole has no interest in patriotism: i) the Republican constituents cheer foreign interference in our internal affairs ii) the GOP leaders turn a blind eye iii) some (Devin Nunes leading the pack) have even helped Donald Trump to continue his march of destroying our democracy.

What would you add?

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