Devin Nunes Is Everything You Don’t Want Your Representative To Be

The man you’re looking at is Devin Nunes, US Representative for California’s 22nd Congressional District. He is everything you don’t want your Representative to be. He doesn’t even have the decency to take a side and stand for anything. He is very much like termites; you don’t even know they’re there until it’s too late.

For reasons that are beyond logic, Mr. Nunes had decided to forego his task of working for the people he claims to represent in California to become Trump’s lapdog, messenger boy and openly an accomplice in the Trump-Russia collusion.

Mr. Nunes had the options:

1.- to remove himself from the “so called” investigation into the Russia collusion in the 2016 elections

2.- to just ask Trump for a position in his administration, making it thus official that’s where he wants to be.

But instead, he used valuable time, money and resources to concoct stories about the investigation. He deliberately bypassed interviewing individuals who have real information regarding Trump’s interactions with Russia, blatantly blocked any line of questioning which could have shed light on the matter and secretly ran (several times) to the White House to coordinate “his investigation” into the Russia collusion.

Even the devil has more respect for the truth! Devin Nunes is the worst kind of termite one would want to find eating at their property. He is shameless; he stands for nothing.

He is everything you don’t want in a Representative; Mr. Nunes is by the strictest definition a reject of the Legislative Branch. He makes the task of being called a Representative a joke, an insult and yes a disgrace to the country, a disgrace to society, and an affront to the people he claims to represent. Mr. Nunes belongs nowhere near a body whose job is to safeguard the dignity of the body and preserve the letter of the Constitution.

Even Richard Nixon owed up to his actions; Nunes doesn’t even have the decency to do so. Devin Nunes is simply the example of what a Representative should not be.

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