Most Republicans Claim To Be Patriots

Today, we know for certain that Russia was behind it all but that’s not even the worst of the problem. There is still growing suspicion that Donald Trump (and associates) colluded and possibly facilitated Russia, America’s number one enemy to change the outcome of an election; put differently, Mr. Trump may have helped Russia to destroy the very apparatus in place to safeguard our democracy. Said differently, the current occupant of the Oval Office is quite possibly an agent of a foreign government. And yet most leaders of the Republican Party continue to turn a blind eye, to turn their head the other way and thus help Donald Trump to continue his march of destroying our democracy.

There is no lack of proof that the Republican Party as a whole shows very little interest in patriotism; from the president of the United States to the least effective elected official of the Republican Party, patriotism is not in a menu. There is no room to argue the point. All the three Branches of our government are in the hands of the Republican Party. The Legislative Branch who is supposed to restrict the hands of the Executive Branch when it goes off course acts more  like the extension of the Executive Branch.

Damn be the country!

Damn be the United States of America! As long as the Republican Party is in control.


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