Most Republicans Claim To Be Patriots

Ironically, most, really most Republicans prove to be anything but patriotic. Although the “why” is still unknown, there are other factors which help to put the debate in perspective. For instance, Lack of Patriotism is also found to be a contributing factor in individuals who are racist, biased or inclined to be. So, it should not be surprising that the Republican Party has attracted millions of such individuals. In the previous posting (located here), we discussed at length the state of racism in the Republican Party. Although it’s still unclear why the behavior is so prevalent in the Republican Party, it is nevertheless a huge albeit unfortunate addition to the GOP.

For the discussion on the state of racism in the Republican Party, refer to the previous article; the discussion on the state of ignorance in the Party is located here. Before we discuss how lack of patriotism contributes towards racism in general, let’s take a look at the instances Republicans prove to be less patriotic than Democrats.


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