Most Republicans Are Complicit of Guns Massacres in America



After every shooting which claims dozens of lives and leaves dozen others wounded, traumatized, handicapped, Republicans in Washington wear their “hypocrisy mask” to pretend they are saddened. And after each massacre, they stand in the way of any initiative (by Democrats) which could help to prevent the next shooting. Yes, Republicans in Washington are complicit of the many guns’ tragedies which have plagued the country in the past decade. Even worst, the Republican constituents behave like morons which give legitimacy for their Representatives’ indifference and callousness. Why are Republicans so indifferent to society ill? Why do most Republicans behave like morons most of the time?

Nowhere in the world are morons on record to have built, created or invented anything of importance. Morons are mostly famous for arguing the indefensible, acting like fools and speaking like idiots. And there are millions of Republicans across the country who follow and blindly support the Moron-In-Chief in the Oval Office.

Josh Billings (stage name of the 19th-century American writer Henry Wheeler Shaw) wrote “There are two kinds of fools: those who can’t change their opinions and those who won’t”, and I muse that all fools are morons.


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