The Fourth Branch

I’ve embarked in a journey to bring a new perspective into socio-politico conversations, to look at issues confronted by society and the government through the prism of logic, with patriotism as the basis for the discussions.

This project, christened The Fourth Branch, is not intended to be “Another One” or “just another point of view”; its main goal is to discuss those issues with the objective of proposing solutions.

The ultimate objective is to contribute towards a more perfect union.

Below is Part One of Episode One video which provides a brief synopsis of the project.

We hope to outline in the next or a future video the frequency of the program, as well as to announce in advance topics of discussions.

Subsequent videos of the project can be found at the People Branch Youtube Channel.

Should you wish to contact us for any reason (to provide feedback, suggestions; to criticize or to help with any aspect of the project), do so at your earliest convenience. See you through the journey.


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