Most GOP Leaders Including Donald Trump Use Racism To Fulfill Their Political Career Ambitions

Everyone who makes use of prejudice, bias and racism benefits – i) politicians continue to hold on to their jobs in Washington ii) networks such as Fox continue to grow financially and increase viewership – and contributes towards dividing society into groups who hate one another, thus unable to enjoy the benefit of a unified society.

While the world is working towards reducing (or even eradicating) hatred, the Republican Party Leaders have fully embraced, used, nurtured and even promoted the most damaging human emotion for just one despicable purpose: to fulfill their own selfish interests. Racism will continue to thrive in America as long as Republican leaders continue to harness the benefit of using it. Racism is a great tool to divide a nation; it is the gerrymandering of emotions.

The Republican Party has no intention of letting it go. Donald Trump is certainly despised by many for his overt racism but Mr. Trump is far from being the source of racism in the country. GOP members have publicly given accolade to Mr. Trump, downplayed his racist rants and confirmed what has been known a longtime by Blacks, that the Republican Party is a haven for racists.

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