Most GOP Leaders Including Donald Trump Use Racism To Fulfill Their Political Career Ambitions

When Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, gambled his presidency (and ultimately lost his life through assassination in 1865) to end the practice of slavery, the Whites (your parents, grandparents, ancestors) who enjoyed free labor from the slaves they regarded inferior did not however have the moral superiority to realize the practice was disgusting, unethical, immoral and inhumane. And yet, they considered themselves to be superior. Even after much time has elapsed and knowledge has debunked the superiority of the race, Whites cannot seem to adapt to a world in which knowledge trumps feeling. They again turned to Blacks for solutions, not in a good way. Blacks are labelled thieves, criminals, rejects of society all the while their White counterparts are excused for having a tough life, for not having a good home to grow in, for not having a father around and so on.

A small dog justifies being better than a big dog by criticizing the size, the posture and the disadvantage of being big. In reality, the small dog would like to be big or at the very least be like or have what the big dog has. So it is with Whites who continue to claim their superiority and practice discrimination as a way to justify their psychological belief.

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