The Dumbification of the Republican Party – 2

First, you borrow money; second, you give that borrowed money to people who already have plenty. Let’s put that in perspective in the simplest way possible.

If you go to the bank, borrow $1,000, give $900 to your rich uncle and the other $100 to your family (wife and kids), you would have done exactly the same thing the Republicans in Washington did to the country. You still have to repay the bank the $1,000 (+ interests) you borrowed, and there is no guarantee your rich uncle would even appreciate the gesture. Odds are he won’t; in fact, that’s how he manages to stay rich. Besides, you told your rich uncle it was a gift. Why would you have done something so stupid? Here is how the Republicans in Washington explain it: your rich uncle will be so touched by your gesture that he might return the favor in the form of a gift which is worth much more. Seriously. Republican Legislators in Washington believe the more they give to those who already have, the better it will be for the people at the bottom. Does any of that make sense to a sound mind?

Of course not! But it’s the Republican way of reasoning. As it should be obvious by now, the question is not whether it’s true that most Republicans lack common sense but rather why. What is the cause of such “moronery” (stupidity, lack of common sense) in the Republican Party?

What would you add?

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