Do Republican Legislators in Washington Have a Soul?

Although the discussion focused mostly on the tax cut signed by Mr. Trump a few days ago, one needs not look far to find countless examples of actions taken by the Republican Legislators geared to destroy the fabric of our society. Any legislation would do. Take for example the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created in 1970 for the purpose of protecting the environment (the water we drink, the air we breathe). Without EPA, chemical industries can (and have) dump chemicals into the rivers, thus contaminating the water we drink. Without EPA, the car manufacturers could pollute the air we breathe with carbon dioxide (CO2). Neither the chemical industries nor the car manufacturers would incur any penalty for destroying the most basic and indispensable necessities of life (water and air). The agency does so by regulating those industries. You need not be a genius to understand the chemicals dumped into the rivers would eventually make way into our water supply; you need not be an expert to know that the CO2 emitted by cars on the roads would eventually get into our respiratory system and kill us. And yet, Republican Legislators in Washington removed regulations which would have protected the environment against dumping of chemicals in the rivers and emission of CO2 in the air. Republicans went as far as attempting to shut down the agency altogether.

What would you add?

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