Do Republican Legislators in Washington Have a Soul?

As if that wasn’t enough to stop the Republican Legislators from passing the tax cut, financial experts estimated that the $1.5 trillion dollars borrowed to distribute to the rich and large corporations will add $2.3 trillion to the debt (interests factored into the calculation). But worse, only the working class citizens of the country will be held hostage to repay the debt. Neither the rich nor the large corporations who will receive 90% of the distribution will have to pay a single penny back. In fact, Republican Legislators in Washington make certain the rich never have to contribute a penny towards repayment of the debt. The windfall they receive is permanent; the scraps given to the working class (10%) expire in a few years. The question any logical individual should ask: why did the Republican Legislators pass a regulation which will harm the very constituents who voted them in office? A better question is: why do Republican constituents continue to vote in office Legislators who work against their interests? The one-million-dollar question is: do ALL Republicans hate Democrats so much they’re willing to suffer financially and punish their children and future generations just to go against everything Democrat?

The $1.5 trillion dollar question is: do Republicans have a soul?

What would you add?

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